Judith Kramer, Esq.

Shoplifting, Juvenile Law,
Municipal Courts,
and Breast Cancer:  Delayed Diagnosis

  29 Essex Street
  (next to Millburn train station)
  Millburn, NJ  07041

(973) 921-9190   
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The Law Firm of Judith Kramer is located right next to the Millburn train station, with a bus stop next door.

Judith Kramer is available for all New Jersey County, Juvenile, and Municipal Courts.

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We have three areas of practice. 

1.  Juvenile and Adult Criminal Matters - criminal issues - whether juvenile or adult - are too important to trust to just anybody.  Don't take a chance. I specialize in adult shoplifting cases as well as all juvenile criminal matters.

2.  Municipal Court - let us help you fight your traffic ticket or municipal ordinance violation.  Municipal courts can impose harsh sentences, so consult with us first!

3.  Breast Cancer:  Delayed Diagnosis - Sadly, many cases of breast cancer are not diagnosed until the disease is at an advanced stage.  Doctors might miss early symptoms or not interpret your tests correctly.  Talk to us.

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