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Tips for Fighting Your Ticket

1. Understand the charges- the statute you may have violated will be written on your ticket. Carefully review the ticket you've been issued.

2.  Take some pictures and make some observations of the area where you were stopped.

3.  Your driving history may be helpful when you visit us for your free consultation. Make a list of questions and call us.

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Why you need an attorney

In many cases, an attorney can successfully reduce the original charge to a less serious violation which may not carry with it motor vehicle points. You can only benefit by going to municipal court with an experienced attorney.

I have appeared in municipal courts throughout NJ representing clients on a wide range of Municipal Court matters. Please feel free to contact my office for a free consultation. When you are facing the possibility of a conviction which may result in the loss of your freedom or drivers license, you need to be represented by an experienced lawyer like Judith Kramer.

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Municipal Court can impose serous penalties such as jail, probation, license suspension and heavy fines. This court hears matters such as motor vehicle and traffic violations and disorderly persons offenses and municipal ordinance violations.

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